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The Industry has Shifted

Our goal is to allow everyone to get their IoT devices connected instantly… with online tooling to make it as easy as booking a flight, or getting a cab.

You should be able to change operators when you want to, you should be able to upload your apps on the SIM when you want, you should be able to turn off connectivity when you want….

We are making these things a reality. Because, one day, all IoT providers will not be able to prevent migration to other systems and players. Start now.

Extended Coverage and Controls

Netherlands Coverage

 – All three Operators

 – Designed for Critical IoT Apps

 – Common APN and IPs

Location Update trigger required

IP Address Controls

 – Private or Public ranges

 – Fixed or Dynamic allocation

 – IP Whitelist Controls

with DHCP controls.

Extended Coverage and Controls

€10 per GB across Europe

New Rates: Preferred Europe Coverage for under €10/GB

 – Preferred Operators

 – 2G, 3G and 4G Service

 – 32 Country Coverage

EU Countries: 28 with 2G, 3G & 4G.

 – Full Device Pooling

 – €10,00/GB for 1-499 devices

 – € 9,25/GB for 5000+ devices

EEA: CH, IS, NO: 2G, 3G & 4G; LI: 2G & 3G.

A New Way to Connect IoT devices

A new approach to connectivity that removes contract lock-ins and technical lock-ins…

… and the simplicity to change things when you want.

Iot eConnect


Once you try IoT eConnect, we’re sure you will want more of our eSIMs. The way we deliver our services is different from the other guys: no contract lock-ins, no penalties, no charges for SIMs that are sitting in a drawer.

And these SIMs are the latest eSIMs that have future-proof written all over them – but they are still fully compliant and work in all devices. This means that you own the SIMs and can avoid the technical lock-ins.   Needing to do SIMs swaps to change providers is a thing of the past.

Get our 3 SIM starter kit to evaluate what we do for three months. No commitment, no charge for the SIMs, no charge for the shipping, and we even include €10 per month usage per SIM to get you going. All you have to do is agree to pay € 0,10 per MByte for what you use over the allowance.


A New Approach to Pricing


Bundles & Pooling

Choose your bundle size and select coverage between Europe or Global. Only pay for usage from active SIMs.



Connectivity & SIMs

SIM prices, APN settings, SMPP interconnects, and protect them all with VPN Tunnels to encrypt your data.



Multiple Operators

Easy to understand zoning with a wide range of operators to give you the coverage and quality you need.


Technically Better

Walk thru

Screen shot walk thru.

Coming Soon



Video Animation


Functionality animation.


Technical Benefits

Technical Benefits

Expect More

Technically Better

Expect more.



Behind the scenes.


Service Specs

Features & benefits.


eSIM Cards

eSIM Cards

Technical Details

eSIM Cards

Technical details.



Cubic Telecom

Cubic Telecom

IoT Leader

…a global connectivity platform company…



ICT for Education

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Data Reduction

…making big data small…

Kore Telematics

Kore Telematics

IoT Leader

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Support Teams

User Guides

Online Help

Reliable service still needs the human touch… Support comes from two groups:

The Account Team is there to help: call them directly on +31 348 505252 if you have questions. They are based in the Netherlands.
The Operations Team  in Malta provides a full 24×7 NOC and handles all escalations – the team also monitors all the systems and services to ensure availability and reliability.

IoT eConnect is easy to use, and we provide two documents to help answer your questions.

The Quick Start Guide provides a short introduction to getting started.
The User Guide provides detailed functionality, with screen-shots and step-by-step instructions.

And, you can always get help by calling us or posting questions on our support site.

Our customer support site includes documentation, FAQs and ticket management functions to help you get the answers you need, quickly.

With your online account you can track issues, see pending orders and check maintenance schedules – all with the click of your mouse.

Effective support that you can rely on.

Partner Programs


We use an indirect supply model and are always looking for innovative partners who can open up new markets. New markets include geographic and vertical OEM focus where specialist knowledge is critical to success. We are also keen to talk to partners that can provide integrated technologies that can be included with our eSIMs and Services. Please contact us if you have ideas on how we can work together.
Or visit our website: .




Cross Auth


We are always eager to talk to partners that can provide us with integrated technologies that we can include with our eSIMs and Services. Please contact us if you have ideas on how we can become a channel for you.


Technology Partners